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Ticket Printing Quotation Request Form 1.0a
34 Ceder Park, Leixlip, Co Kildare
Contact - mob: +353 (0)871240499

Secure hologram tickets.
Under new management
Eventstop have taken over from the CTB and Lundy Tickets
including all ticket printing liabilities from 12/12/2023
Quantities of less than 150 start at € 0.28 per ticket.
(minimum charge €28 for up to 100 tickets).
Discounts available for larger quantities, down to € 0.14 per ticket.
Competitive prices for a quality ticket.
Ticket dimension including stub is 10.5cms wide by 9.0cms high.
A proof is charged at €20 – refundable if proof used for printing .

Your Ticket Layout :-

Fill in the details you wish printed on the ticket – see sample left.
There are five lines of text at the top of the ticket,
The top lines one and two are normally large fonts (order of 33 characters per line),
Lines three to five are nornmally medium size fonts (order of 38 characters per line).
The bottom line (6), is normally small fonts (order of 40 characters per line).

Note: A smaller font may be used to fit more characters onto the line.
We will contact you to confirm your order and the text layout.

Choose the colour of the ticket you require from the list below (*LIMITED* colours currently available)

Top of Ticket

Line 1

Large Size Character

Line 2

Large Size Character

Line 3

Medium Size Character

Line 4

Medium Size Character

Line 5

Medium Size Character

ADMIT ONE XXX (Number of Tickets Required)

ADMISSION (Ticket Price or 0.00)

Date (Mon 02 Jan 09)

at Time (2:00 AM)

Line 6

Small Size Character

Bottom of Ticket

Your Contact Details (required)

Contact Name

Email Address

Mobile/Landline Phone No.

Company/Society Name


Town/City & Country

Your Purchase Order No

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